The History before the History

The History before the History

There have been thoughts tumbling through my brain about moving this blog into gear again. It’s not pretty and I don’t especially like it (sorry little wordpress!), but there is just so much that I want to share. It keeps overflowing and swamping my poor social media – maybe a blog would rope all that creativity into a tidy bundle and make it into a more focused force that could actually take me somewhere. Or stagger about in more creative circles, distracted by every bunny trail. That works too.

HONESTLY, I’m just getting these words and this picture out into a post because I want to be a part of Illustration Friday’s JetPen giveaway. Yes, please!


Illustration Friday – Yield

Illustration Friday - Yield

And I’m a workaholic.

This sounds ridiculous for a 23-year-old young woman to say who has neither a hectic work life or a home full of small children, but it’s true. Every time that a holiday rolls around, I am reminded of this fact doubly so. Unless my hands are busy with something, I feel useless and in the way. The little things in my life have to be built up to great worthy heights and done in a rush, because I have oh-so-many other important things to attend to! In all my busy-busy, I become a Martha and forget. Forget to step back and remember what is really important. To love. To listen. To capture moments, not checkmarks. To ‘choose the good portion’ and yield my cares to a Redeemer who can shoulder far more than I ever could.

Illustration Friday – Intention

Illustration Friday - Intention

Did you hear my intention of becoming a regular blogger swirling away in the rush of a busy week (or two)? My brain has absorbed so much information in the last 14 days on so many different subjects… learning to become a docent, being head decorator for Garden Fair, making progress on my childrens book, moving on to the next level of Hebrew lessons, learning more and more about Carl Sandburg and Thomas Wolfe. Whew!



This is a page from the little local history children’s book that I’ve been working on. Today, it moved from being a sketch in a notebook, to being inked neatly onto tidy tracing paper, to being scanned into the computer, ‘colored’ and having text added. Whew! (Oh, I forgot to add an arrow up there after “But others were very different”…) I love being able to see it all so neat and clear.

Of course, something’s off. I’m not quite sure what it is… but I’ll rejoice in this little bit of progress!