First Freebie!

I have not been to many holiday parties before. Somehow, this week, I ended up going to TWO on the same day and volunteering to bring the ubiquitous veggie plate to both. The veggie plate!  Could there be a more slighted and ignored dish on the appetizer table?

This baby needed some attention, so I doodled out a happy little banner with an Alice-esque command. The banner did its duty and the plates were (almost) clean when I brought them home.

eatyourveggiesDownload here: .

Feel free to print out one for your own party! Print onto cardstock. Fold just before the “Eat”. Glue around a wooden skewer. Plant somewhere in mounds of baby carrots and broccoli bits.

Do your part to encourage healthy snacking this month! Vive la veggie plate!

(Let  me know how it turns out!)