IF – Teacher

I was watching a PBS biography and one of the commentators (?) struck me with her wild hair, cool glasses and aura of awesomeness that was only magnified by being 80-something years old.  Wouldn’t she be a fun teacher to have?


IF – Bounce

I did not want to do a rabbit for this Illustration Friday theme. I did not. Could not. Would not.  Not a rabbit or a frog or a cute little kangaroo or something inspired by the Pixar jackalope and his pink sheep friend. Nope. But I was working on something else…and there was this bit of paint left on the palette…and it was just the colors of our Mr. Comfrey, the- house-rabbit….

So here is a bunny, bouncing.

More technically a ‘binky’, the wild gleeful sprint around the room/crate ending with a mid-air twist of the feet. Comfrey (rescue bunny) is still getting used to the idea of having room to exercise in, so he does little baby-binkies: jump! twist! FLOP!

IF – Lonely


About three weeks ago, we had a sweet little pair of guineas wander into our downtown neighborhood. They walked around eating up nasty bugs, jumping over mudpuddles and sitting on the neighbor’s green shed and singing loudly while he tried to eat breakfast. They grew brave enough to try crossing the road, but one rainy day was too great a risk…  Now we are down to one lonely little guinea hen. She cried for the first three hours and is setting out on the business of eating up all the bugs on her own. RIP Guinea #1!