A Day in the Life of a Carl Sandburg Barn Volunteer

This week, I brought along with me, hoping to catch the ins and outs of being a volunteer at the Carl Sandburg barn. The cool overcast day was in my favor…

I said hello to the Tiger-Cat-in-the-manger…

Bid the chickens good morning…

And laughed over the silly kids, who get a wheelbarrow of their own out in the yard, so they leave ours alone.

Tried to document the barn-cleaning process before a kindergarden tour came through. And then….

This happened. The last baby of the season was born a few days early, out in the pasture, surrounded by enchanted kindergardeners. And me. I was so happy that it was on my day to be at the barn! I had been hope-hope-hoping that I would get to be there for one of the births. Thank you, God, thank you, Bella, thank you, little goat for arranging it so nicely. 🙂

There is more to this story, more about Bella’s mom, Brie (the matriarch of the goat barn) refusing to leave her side, more about cuddling the baby for hours as part of the imprinting process. But it’s time for me to get off the computer now, go forth and do other things. So, I’m leaving you with the following dose of adorable. (Last two photos by my sister, Lalie.)


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