Let’s make this easy…

There is a week or so left until my birthday. It’s not a big one – no 0 or 5 involved, but here is my birthday list, in case you were wondering.

* List of suitable Gift Card sources

  • blueridgebakery.com (I would like to take the gnocci class! Or Indian.)
  • kiwigelato.com (Because it’s delicious)
  • canvas.landsend.com (The sales on these two are my wardrobe staples!) 
  • sundancecatalog.com
  • anthropologie.com (I’ve never gotten to order from either of these two. I just drool over the catalogs…)
  • ruche.com
  • etsy.com (Because anything can happen on Etsy.)
  • parkseed.com (Maybe, for the sale later this spring?)
  • newleafgardenmarket.com (Pleeease?)
  • coedcinema.com (Popcorn not included.)

Any of those. But it’s not special unless you promise to go on the shopping trip with me.

 ** You know what? I don’t really need anything for the MP3 player – shucks, I barely have music on it yet! Except I did just get a free download of an Allie Moss album on NoiseTrade. Spent last night listening to it and like it quite a lot. You should download it too!


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