Dear Journal (Graphic Novel Style)

Dear Journal (Graphic Novel Style)

I stayed up far too late last night coloring this in. Which might explain for some of the messy bits.


4 thoughts on “Dear Journal (Graphic Novel Style)

  1. Hey this graphic novel is looking good! I love your colour palette. I’ve been trying to draw a lot of cats lately… I’ve just suddenly become so obsessed with them (: and I never have my whole life. I like the way you’ve coloured in the cats, with more pressure making it darker and making it stand out more against the background!

    1. Aw, thank you, Christine! Yes, what is it with cats lately?? I’ve always been allergic to cats but as I get older, they don’t seem to be making me sniffly. So now I drool over the kitty lists on the shelter website….one day, one day I’m going to have a little kitty model of my very own. A black one, maybe, because I hear they are the sweetest. 🙂 Definitely an older cat – I love the wise look in their eyes!

      1. A gorgeous neighbourhood black cat I knew just recently passed away. She lived til she was 15! You would have loved her, she was very wise. She overcame obesity even (when the new dog wouldn’t allow her to eat her food)! When she passed away the owner left a sign saying she had gone to the kitty playground forever, and so day by day neighbours or passersby would stick local flowers on the sign.

        Oh your comment reminds me…! Haha I was terribly allergic to cats when I was a child! And carpet… strangely cockroaches as well d: It seems that the universe has helped me to overcome these allergies and now I can love cats! When I first moved in with my boyfriend he had a cat, and for a year I had “hayfever” but I think now my body was just becoming accustomed to cats (:

        Thank you for your comment, you’ve really given me a great start to the day 🙂 Have a lovely day/night x

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