Daffodil, Hyacinth, Camellia & Winter Honeysuckle

I wish, wish, wish that I could remember which magazine/book I just read about an artist creating images by laying them on an open scanner bed! She was making beautiful spreads of vegetables and flowers that had a lucious Dutch still-life quality to them. It’ll come to me eventually…

In the meanwhile, when I stepped outside and saw that the camellia bush was putting out blooms, I had to try for myself! The rich, ghostly (can something be both of those things at the same time?) images look like something from the Victorian Era. There has been a word eluding me for days now: something akin to ‘decomposing’ but better, richer, more romantic. The sort of word that would fit these heavy, yellowing blossoms.

Hmm….what could I try next?



10 thoughts on “Daffodil, Hyacinth, Camellia & Winter Honeysuckle

  1. Lovely! I’ve seen this in a magazine too, not that that narrows it down much. Was it Martha Stewart Living, Yankee magazine, Country Living, Gardens Illustrated, Fine Gardening, Horticulture, Kaatskill Life, Organic Gardening, Garden Design, American Patchwork & Quilting, Midwest Living, BH&G? See, no help.

  2. Nice, quircky photos, Sarah. I had a hard time photographing the daffodils I had in pots…could never get them to look good in a bunch…your taking individual blossoms is better. Had better luck with the White Emperor tulips..too bad I can’t show you any photos…may someday I’ll find a way to share!

  3. The artist you referenced may be Barbara Wyeth. I have two framed photos of carrots by her that is wonderful.

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