A Garden for Frosty Mornings

I can’t get over this photograph from Organic Gardening Magazine (Dec 05/Jan 06). The Master Gardeners let me check out a whole stack of old magazines to use in my garden project, but this one page I keep coming back to over and over again. Substitute the phlomis (what is phlomis??) with some echinacea seedheads and that is just my cup of tea. This is what a fall/winter garden can look like! Even around here, where we don’t have loads of snow turning everything into ice sculptures. Instead we have dainty little frosts that tiptoe over the tallest plants and a January and February bursting with rich, mellowed colors all their own. I made a quilt one time (er, started a quilt one time – it is sitting on top of an armoire waiting to be quilted) with the pale blues, shadowy teals, magentas, pine and wilted grass that is a mountain winter.

Gifts for yesterday:

  • Something stitched – my new pink dress, so very pink!
  • Something hammered – our lovely back porch
  • Something woven – the brightly colored strap on my mandolin, waiting in the corner for me to pay it attention one day

Gifts for today:

  • 3 gifts found on the ground: crocuses, robins and daffodils springing up in the wrong places.

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