Joy in a Bowl

(Food photography is one of those things that I’m going to really sit down and learn about one day. It’s on my life list!)

This black rice pilaf has gone through so many changes in the last day or two that I’m not sure it should qualify as a savory, lunch-suitable dish anymore. It started off with apricots and green onions….then we added pineapple…and when I heated it up just now, I used coconut milk (since we had a can open) and put toasted pecans on top. I think it wants to be a risotto! Ah, well. My tummy is happy.

Joys for yesterday: 2/1

A gift found at 11:30 – the cheerful and rather wonderful receptionist when I called the chiropractor’s office

                              2:30 – tiny purple crocuses coming up in Laura’s piano teacher’s garden

                              6:30 – cooking in itsy-bitsy cast iron pans with my mama

Joys for today: 2/2

3 things overheard today – (I haven’t been out of the house yet today, but if you want to, you could count these) The happy chatter of stroller-mamas going by on the sidewalk, herbs in the kitchen window rejoicing over the sunshine and Wilson-the-dog trying to tell me ‘thanks for lunch’ by giving me generous hand kisses. Except that wasn’t so much overheard….he was very direct about it!


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