Letters, letters, letters!

All these daily alphabet projects floating around got my juices running, so I started doodling a little one in the margin of my journal every night. The last one was today!


Museum Snippets

Last week I had a chance for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Museum Preservation Center at the Carl Sandburg house. Through the fog of a cold there were two things that impressed me – make that three: 1) museum curators get awesome green uniforms 2) sliding metal lockers are very very cool and 3) even the most ordinary things are beautiful when collected and given a little respect.

Mrs. Sandburg’s glasses  (THOUGHT – we have at least 2-3 pairs of ‘heirloom’ glasses in the attic: mama’s baby cat eyes, gmas’ wirerims – we should shadowbox them!)

Ribbons from the dairy goats + notes from craft camp + quote that I must not forget.

(Loving my new Moleskine!)

I’m here – under the pile of tissues!

Okay, so it’s not that bad, but my productive side has been pretty well ironed flat by a stinky cold. It’s aaaaalmost gone! 

While I’m waiting for it to disappear and the return of the list of brilliant things that I had in my head to blog about, I shall keep pace with a filler post. 

I want to know why of all the little search terms that this blog has been discovered under (mostly to do with coleus and the makeshift ladder/easel) “A BRAIN UNDER OBSESSION” is the most common. What? I don’t understand! But oh, it does make me laugh… That phrase is nowhere in previous posts… Well, now it is in this one!

Hmm. Time to rotate clothes and take a nap, I think!

Happy Coincidences

When we came home from the Park Seed sale last spring, I knew just where I was going to put the three fat lambs ears that I had gotten! But I hadn’t thought through all the combinations that would happen in that spot!

On one side, the soft grey velvet of the lambs ear looks amazing all year long next to its bristly creeping juniper neighbor. Then all summer, it has the friendly blue tones of catmint to hang out with. And now, silky purple crocuses! (Photograph borrowed from my sister’s Project 366 collection)