Sunshine in the Snow

¬†There is a thin crust of snow outside the window behind me, the first of the year. It fell last night while we were curled up watching movies about the Sahara and Antiques Roadshow. Now, it has melted off of all the sunny patches and only sticks to low spots in the grass, the crevices of the juniper and the side of the front porch that has its back to the sun. According to our little Mac, it’s 21 degrees outside today and not expected to get over freezing all day long. That’s cold for around here! It is nice to have snow and frost – real winter. Things have been so warm that I was able to let the dogs out in my barefeet. What’s the fun of that in January?

In the middle of all this, I stand a little in awe. Looking around, there are 10 plants in this house – all in various stages of living and not dying! I haven’t had much luck with houseplants before. Not until Papa’s funeral when two people sent some instead of flowers. I had to try my best to keep them alive afterwards. That was some three years ago now….

So now, in order of arrival, there is…

  • The¬†philodendron (which always makes me think of Katherine Hepburn in ‘Desk Set’ – “But what about my philodendron?!”)
  • The…other thing. It used to be brightly colored – red, yellow, orange – but has mellowed into a lovely rich shiny green that goes much better with our dining room.
  • Baby philodendron. Did you know if you snip off a piece and put it into a pretty glass jar, it will root and make a new little plant?? Oh, I must have more!
  • Mint in the kitchen window (warring against a tribe of aphids presently – yick)
  • Lemon balm. I took a cutting from the one outside. It struggled for a long while, but is actually setting out new growth now!
  • 2 strawberry plants. Strawberries!! I just tucked them into the leftover kitchen pots, because they looked so empty. I expected them to yellow out in a couple of weeks and I’d replace them with some thyme or sage. But no – they’ve been very happy, sending up new leaf shoots and even ripening two berries. Who’da thunk??
  • Geranium that lived on the front porch this summer, now overwintering in the dining room. Had a near death experience, but lots of fuzzy little leaves now!
  • Overwintering coleus. An experiment. It’s alive, but rather leggy and large. I think I might have been better off with cuttings.
  • I’m also counting the green onions on the kitchen windowsill. This idea really works!
  • One of the garlic cloves in the pantry sprouted and I stuck it in with the lemon balm. It’s pretty firmly rooted in now. Should it count too?

With the New Year, I’ve given this goal of blogging 5X a week a reboot. But more about that later…


2 thoughts on “Sunshine in the Snow

  1. Enjoyed your post. The plant that you mentioned that was once many colors but is now green is probably a croton. If they are in shady light their leaves turn greener. I grow coleus indoors, cutting off of my outdoor plants. They do get leggy, but then you have many more shoots to root again for outdoors. I try posting every day…Hopefully you can reach your 5x a week goal too. Kathy
    PS I have many Lemon Balm plants outdoors, but you are doing better than I am…I have never been able to get them to do much inside. Happy gardening.

    1. I think you’re right about the croton. That name sounds very familiar from my previous ID attempts, but none of my books had mentioned it greening out in shade. It’s very pretty all green! Thank you for commenting!

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