Is That Snow?

I think that it is! There are lovely little snowflakes coming down on the WordPress page. Fun, fun. Once my family all returns from their collective duties today, I wouldn’t mind a bit of real snow. There is a knitting project in my basket and a pile of books beside my bed – it would be a nice day for snowy weather.

For the last few months, I’ve been volunteering in an after school program where I get to bring big art prints and the students and I collectively squeal over squiggly lines and bright colors and trying to pose like Whistler’s Mother. One of the best parts is that for the whole week, we get to live with Van Gogh and Degas in the house. Every week a different one stands out especially, strikes an inner chord. This week, it is Pierre Bonnard’s La Place Clichy. I love the colors and his intimate capture of a scene, the backlit characters and the comfortable way that we seem to be sitting under the cafe awning. Oh, how I wish that the elementary school had wifi! Mama and I had so much fun zooming around the modern Place de Clichy in Google Maps and picking out what we would order at the (still existant!) Brasserie Wepler. ¬†Provencal polenta and tomato coulis with nicoises, please!



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