LGRAB Summer Games

This year, I have a (beautiful, flowery white & pink!) helmet and got to do the Let’s Go Ride A Bike Summer Games! Here is what I did:

1) I read “Cycling for Everyone“, which I won in a giveaway from the very nice people over at Cycle & Style. There isn’t as much in it about everyday bicycling as I had hoped, but I still learned MUCH! Like, the reason it was such a cardio workout to take my bike to town the other day is because it is stuck on the hardest gear! This will be a book that I turn back to repeatedly.

2) I tried out a new style of bike. This was quite a stroke of providence! One of my fellow Master Gardeners came into the clinic on a Camp 16” folding bike and let me ride it! It was the first folding bike that I had ever seen in person and I was struck with how sleek and sturdy it felt. There was certainly no problem with a long skirt hitting the chain!

3) I rode my bike somewhere new – test drove the short back roads going to our CSA farm. How fun would it be to bike and get a crate full of happy veggies? It would be a LOT more fun if my bike gears were not stuck and if I had thought to drink some water before I left or if I were in better shape or not in a bit of pain from other things. The smoothest little hills felt impossible! Today marks the first time I’ve ever gotten physically sick from getting too hot/tired. Yick! But I got the picture!

4) This is my something “summer”. Gravel roads, soft mountains in the distance and green, green, green everywhere.


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