IF- (Perfectly) Imperfect

To the imperfect dogs that I have loved: the ones with missing teeth and broken tails, three legs instead of four and raggedy tongues, short legs and bad breath…. You will always be perfect to those who love you!


Three postscripts:

i) Darn my sister and her addictive Photoshop brushes! That’s where all the charming roses came from.

ii) Something’s funny about doing this illustration while we are fostering possibly our most “perfect” foster yet. Colin is little, smells good, is one year old, quiet, cuddly, silly…but if it’s any help, his tail is too short. 😛 (He’ll be on the PRBCR site soon…)

iii) The short legs part of this post is dedicated entirely to Stumpy – one of my favorite local rescue dogs. He is the SWEETEST thing and I can’t understand how he hasn’t found a home yet!


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