IF – influence

This week’s Illustration Friday stems from all the trading cards I’ve been making for friends. I was influenced by Lauren B. (who inspired me to try art trading cards in the first place!). Then almost subconciously this little card illustrates how nature, Art NouveauĀ and my mountain roots have influenced me too.

Bonus: playing around on Photoshop…I had to share how COOL it looks on equalizer! I love those blues…


LGRAB Summer Games

This year, I have a (beautiful, flowery white & pink!) helmet and got to do the Let’s Go Ride A Bike Summer Games! Here is what I did:

1) I read “Cycling for Everyone“, which I won in a giveaway from the very nice people over at Cycle & Style. There isn’t as much in it about everyday bicycling as I had hoped, but I still learned MUCH! Like, the reason it was such a cardio workout to take my bike to town the other day is because it is stuck on the hardest gear! This will be a book that I turn back to repeatedly.

2) I tried out a new style of bike. This was quite a stroke of providence! One of my fellow Master Gardeners came into the clinic on a Camp 16” folding bike and let me ride it! It was the first folding bike that I had ever seen in person and I was struck with how sleek and sturdy it felt. There was certainly no problem with a long skirt hitting the chain!

3) I rode my bike somewhere new – test drove the short back roads going to our CSA farm. How fun would it be to bike and get a crate full of happy veggies? It would be a LOT more fun if my bike gears were not stuck and if I had thought to drink some water before I left or if I were in better shape or not in a bit of pain from other things. The smoothest little hills felt impossible! Today marks the first time I’ve ever gotten physically sick from getting too hot/tired. Yick! But I got the picture!

4) This is my something “summer”. Gravel roads, soft mountains in the distance and green, green, green everywhere.

IF- (Perfectly) Imperfect

To the imperfect dogs that I have loved: the ones with missing teeth and broken tails, three legs instead of four and raggedy tongues, short legs and bad breath…. You will always be perfect to those who love you!


Three postscripts:

i) Darn my sister and her addictive Photoshop brushes! That’s where all the charming roses came from.

ii) Something’s funny about doing this illustration while we are fostering possibly our most “perfect” foster yet. Colin is little, smells good, is one year old, quiet, cuddly, silly…but if it’s any help, his tail is too short. šŸ˜› (He’ll be on the PRBCR site soon…)

iii) The short legs part of this post is dedicated entirely to Stumpy – one of my favorite local rescue dogs. He is the SWEETEST thing and I can’t understand how he hasn’t found a home yet!