Journal Snippets


We went on our first kitty transport yesterday! It was just a quick drive down the road with two kitties in a crate, but still. This little mama and her baby talked to us all the way there: meow? meeeeow. Meee-meeow? Such musical voices they have! It was fun to be able to hear the differences between the mama cat’s voice and her baby’s. They are happy and safe now with their new foster mom – yay! I am beginning to be a very firm believer in the idea that black cats are the friendliest. All the ones I’ve met have been super sweet.


This is old. Well, March old. I bumped into it while looking back in my journal for something else and you haven’t met Kevin yet! I love Kevin… He got to stay at our house for a few days and was a perfect guest. One of those little-dog-freaked-out-at-shelter-super-once-they-get-out cases. He would trot after me around the house on tiny ninja feet, slept in my room (a special privilege most fosters don’t get until they’ve been here a while!) under the bed and could sit, shake – the whole shebang! He lives happily ever after in his very own home now. Hurrah for Kevin!! These are some of my favorite foster sketches that I’ve ever done – they never ever fail to make me smile.

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