About the easel…

The few times that I’ve painted on canvas, I leaned the canvas up against the wall behind my table and propped up a few heavy objects in front. For Chloe’s portrait, that just wasn’t going to work! I didn’t want to invest in a big easel (yet), so after rummaging around the internet for a while I found some good ideas. Most of them involved rebuilding a wooden ladder or drilling holes through a metal one. I didn’t think Daddy would appreciated me drilling holes through his already long-used ladder… You can trace our family history on this ladder. Paint splashes from the house Laura and I were babies in…the green from the kitchen we grew up in… pink from Laura’s room, blue from mine, and then purple and yellow as we got older.  And cream and gold from the house we’re in now… Pleasant company for painting with.

To make the ladder into a usable easel, I slid a board (about 10″ wide) across the rungs and popped a section of pipe insulation (that just happened to be handy) across the end. Easy peasy and I can’t imagine a store bought easel working any better!

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2 thoughts on “About the easel…

  1. Dear Sara,
    Just came across your site! Great job with your drawings. May God bless you as you draw for His glory. I hope the business goes well and look forward to seeing more of your art.
    1 Peter 1:3

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