Illustration Friday – Midsummer Night’s Dream

My Midsummer Night IF began with the idea of a Shakespearean lady…but she grew into a grander and grander version of royalty very much influenced by all the American Scot-Irish history I’ve been reading. Confession: it started as a regular ink pen doodle in my journal and just grew from there – so that’s why it is rather messy in bits. Pens make me feel daring and inhibition-free but tucking in a pair of border collies that you haven’t thought of before can be funky.


Journal Snippets


We went on our first kitty transport yesterday! It was just a quick drive down the road with two kitties in a crate, but still. This little mama and her baby talked to us all the way there: meow? meeeeow. Meee-meeow? Such musical voices they have! It was fun to be able to hear the differences between the mama cat’s voice and her baby’s. They are happy and safe now with their new foster mom – yay! I am beginning to be a very firm believer in the idea that black cats are the friendliest. All the ones I’ve met have been super sweet.


This is old. Well, March old. I bumped into it while looking back in my journal for something else and you haven’t met Kevin yet! I love Kevin… He got to stay at our house for a few days and was a perfect guest. One of those little-dog-freaked-out-at-shelter-super-once-they-get-out cases. He would trot after me around the house on tiny ninja feet, slept in my room (a special privilege most fosters don’t get until they’ve been here a while!) under the bed and could sit, shake – the whole shebang! He lives happily ever after in his very own home now. Hurrah for Kevin!! These are some of my favorite foster sketches that I’ve ever done – they never ever fail to make me smile.

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“Who needs bees?”

Working on some ideas for Carolina Basset Hound Rescue‘s raffle baskets… This is what resulted. I LOVE basset hound knees! And the point bit at the top of their heads…and those tremendous ears and jowls…


Bonus pic of my messy workspace post-painting!

I’ve had this newspaper down for a while and just can’t seem to toss it. It has the movie poster for “Inception”. An ad for a “mandolin player to play in Renaissance band – any level”. Some of the most precious obituaries that I have ever read…one for a baby, only a few weeks old. One for a well-loved lady who traveled the world and got to watch part of the filming of “Gunga Din” with her husband as they sat on a hill above Hollywood. It makes for a very inspiring backdrop.

Illustration Friday-Safari

Drawing this was so much fun! I love the charming idea of adventure – especially when a little productive science is mixed in. This little lady from the ’20s has been on a safari, looking for all sorts of different plants and seeds. The samples she has collected are carefully cataloged inside of the big black trunk. She reminds me a little of Captain Good from “King Solomon’s Mine” – always tidy with her proper black umbrella and a cup of tea even in the heat of Africa. I think her name is Evelyn.

She may be a little girl perched on top of a pile of boxes in the attic, daydreaming. Like me.

The watercolors didn’t turn out quite like in my head – I almost like it better in sepia! I’d love to give this theme another spin…with digital coloring maybe.